40x60cm (incl. 2cm white border)

Printing process

9-color giclée


matte, mould-made Hahnemühle paper (310g/m²)

Edition size


“Push” is a giclée print reproduction of named the same canvas exhibited this autumn at MAZE Gallery in London. The title of their group show “Edge of Eden” made me think of the story about the forbidden fruit Eve and Adam couldn’t resist to eat at the promising garden “Eden”. For me as a non religious person it’s a simple metaphor for not being allowed to be physical close. This story tells of the prohibition of the most natural thing, a basic instinct deeply routed in us as human beings. So the “Edge of Eden” for me is this act of being human and the second when you either push yourself over the edge and risk to get lost in it or pull away from it to keep control. I decided to capture that ambiguous moment in the two canvases “Push” and “Pull”.

From a formal aspect I thought of the canvas “Veracité”, that I painted for the group exhibition “Nu” at Gallery Mathgoth in 2021. That’s why I created two more paintings focusing on the human body. As a result the new series “Bodies” is born.

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