Label for the 'PIRATE PORTER'

a special edition porter beer

In 2021 I was more than happy when the awesome people from Felwila asked me to design the label for their first special edition beer. The brewery is a young one, lead by residents from Bad Vilbel for residents with so much passion and love for details. If I remember it correctly my story with this small town close to Frankfurt am Main in Germany started back in 2008 when my two creative projects Ma’Claim and Herakut joined forces. It was the year when we where invited to paint the first section of a long viaduct wall for the annual ’Quellfest’. It became a fixed event in our calendar. Soon after Herakut was also invited to paint large displays to promote the plays performed at the annual ‘Burgfestspiele’ of Bad Vilbel.
I visited the town for many years and was lucky to leave my creative footprint in different ways. However, due to the usual development of urban areas some of the artworks already disappeared from the scene.

It absolutely was my pleasure to finally leave something new to this town. The PIRATE PORTER has a heavy rum influence and is exclusively available at the Felwila brewery and at the Genusserie (responsible for the special note) in Bad Vilbel.

Bad Vilbel, Germany

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