Duct and Cover

As an allusion to the urging feeling of keeping oneself constantly prepared for the last big crisis, physically and mentally, I created DUCT AND COVER end of last year. The overall tension I felt was sadly comparable to how I imagined the cold war times. In 1952 an animated turtle named Bert from the movie “Duck and Cover” (last image) taught American children how to protect themselves in case of an atomic attack. It was a very pleasant kids movie, without any really useful advice. Of course it’s criticized and negatively received today.

However, in 2003 the US government’s Homeland Security recommends duct tape to shelter-in-place in case of terroristic attacks, thus it should be part of a disaster supply kit. Moreover, duct tape, often confused with duck tape, was always said to fix everything. Something you cannot fix with it, is broken terminally. Therefore using it to keep your mental state together, especially these days, could be a solution to prepare yourself for whatever will happen. Admittedly it might be a painful method, if you can ever take it off again, but at least it could make you feel prepared and more confident in times of disaster, couldn’t it?

I never would have imagined, this feeling could become so relevant just months later.

Duct and Cover | 2020
80 x 100 cm acrylic and spray paint